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Faux Barn Wood Planks

Barn Wood planks instantly transform any room into a rustic, farmhouse chic, setting. Made to look just like real barn wood, these faux wood planks are so authentic, the only thing they're missing are slivers.

barn wood livingroom wall


We have a selection of colours to choose from to fit any space.

barnWOOD randomBLEND

barnWOOD randomBLEND

$19.98 /PANEL

Barn Wood Planks.

faux barn wood plank


Barn Wood Planks capture all the look, feel, texture, and character of real barn wood, just none of the hassles. Barn Wood Planks are made of high-density polyurethane and has been cast from real barn wood planks. They capture all the character and texture of real barn wood.

Why go faux when you can go real? Good question, we got you covered. Real barn wood is often hard to source, whereas our Barn Wood Planks offer consistent thickness & size, perfectly square, are waterproof, and come in a uniform finish.

benefits of
faux barn wood.

benefits of barn wood

Extremely Lightweight

Weighing in at only 1 lb. per square foot, this featherweight panel can be installed anywhere.

Simple to install

Each panel is uniform in size, making it easy to install.

Time Savings

Finding, preparing, and treating real barn wood takes a lot of time. Faux Barn Wood is ready to install from day one.

Looks like the real thing

Once it's installed, you won't be able to tell it's faux.

Class A fire-rated

These panels have a Class A Fire Rating & are for interior use.

Impact Resistant

High traffic areas aren't a problem for these panels.

Liquid proof

Using a closed cell technology, the panels won't absorb liquid.

faux wood,
yet so real.

It's hard to believe that a faux wood product could look so real. Each barn wood plank is formed from a real piece of barn wood, then hand-painted to create an authentic, zero maintenance wood wall.

barn wood texture

it up.

24" x 48" planks:

faux barn wood plank size

WIDTH: 48"




installation is easy.
faux real.

Barn Wood Planks are amazingly easy to cut and install. No matter if you're installing onto drywall, wood, or almost any substrate, the planks can be installed with nails, screws, or glue. With a few simple tools, a bit of elbow grease, and an hour or two, you can have your barn wood feature wall.

Install Sheet

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Here comes the
hard part.

Now that you know all about the panels, the last thing to do is choose your favorite color.

barnWOOD randomBLEND

barnWOOD randomBLEND

$19.98 /PANEL
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