Are You Mix and Matching Your Interiors?

The easiest thing to do at home is to have a standard set of home interiors. All your walls are white, you have a furniture set of the same color and style, and home ornaments that have the same design.

But such homes really stand out with their interior décor. If you want to your interior design to stand out and be unique, you have to be bold – and that means, mix and match. Yet, you are right to be concerned about mix and match, because when it goes wrong, it goes really wrong and your home will look really bad.

Home Interiors


Who doesn’t love mix and match?

So, here are some tips on how to do it.

Have Contrast

Contrast is a must, and whether you realize it or not, chances are that your room already has contrast. But you need to turn it up a notch so that it’s noticeable. Contrast provides visual interest. Our eyes are inclined to go towards the locations that have multiple elements of style and color.

Even so, too much contrast ‘will hurt the eyes’ and you’ll have to look somewhere else.

Add Patterns

When it comes to mix and match, many don’t think about patterns. It’s a great way to work when you have similar items in the room, especially when they have neutral tones. The key to patterns is placement. Place everything in a manner that tells a pattern.

A word of caution, to prevent yourself from going overboard with patterns, is to ensure that you have breaks between your patterns; preferably neutral colors.

Install Faux Walls

Decorating walls has always been a limiting experience. You either put on some paint, or plaster on a wallpaper. However, if you opt for a faux wall, you open yourself up to more options that will fit in well with your mix and match design.

The beauty of a faux wall is that you can turn your living room, bedroom or fireplace to look like a home right out of the ancient ages. Or maybe you prefer a rustic urban feel – because brick faux walls do just that.

Add Prints

If you are looking to add contrast and break patterns, then you’ll want a few prints. Prints are colorful and graphic. You can get your hand on prints that are artistic, graphic, comical or hand-drawn. And it’s easy to hang or stick on your wall.

Thrown in your Personal Style

In all this mixing and matching, don’t miss out on adding your personal style.

Do you want a subtle tone? Add it.

Do you want loud colors? Add it.

Want an electric feel? Add it.

Everyone has different tastes. Don’t miss throwing in your personal style into the mix and match because it’s only then that you’ll truly love your own interior décor.

Stop reading and get to it – make your home the best of mix and match décor!

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