CinderBlock Panels

CinderBlock faux concrete panels from Hourwall create the illusion of real cinder block walls in a lightweight panel product. Each panel has been cast from real concrete blocks to create a realistic finish.

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Multiple Faux Concrete Options

Sold in 16 SQ FT panels, CinderBlock is available in both a traditional profile and a modern profile and in 2 different colors.


With clean edges and defined grout lines, the Modern CinderBlock profile offers a contemporary concrete finish.


The Traditional CinderBlock profile has a rougher finish, creating the illusion of real, weathered cinder block.

DIY-Friendly Cinder Block Panels

CinderBlock Faux Concrete panels are easy to cut and install. Whether you’re installing onto drywall, wood, or almost any substrate, the panels can be installed with screws, saving you time and labor costs!

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Why Faux CinderBlock?

Extremely Lightweight

These high-density, polyurethane panels weigh in at only 1 lb per square foot.

Why Faux CinderBlock?

Simple to Install

Each panel simply screws to the wall and is finished with textured caulking.

Why Faux CinderBlock?

Looks Like the Real Thing

These panels are cast from real concrete blocks and are hand finished to capture the authentic look of cinder blocks.

Class A Fire Rated

Safety First!

Some applications or installs may require higher fire resistance.

CinderBlock panels are Class A fire rated and can be used around most electric and gas fireplaces*.

*Always check your fireplace manual for proper materials & clearances

Sizing It Up

48" x 48" CinderBlock Panels

Each panel is 16 sq. ft.
Panels are approx. 1" thick.