As-Is Wood Wall Planks

AS-IS Brand Wood Walls are made from real, sustainable pine and are treated using a proprietary process with natural oils to capture the aged, distressed, and rustic feel of reclaimed barn wood.

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Multiple colors and styles to choose from.

As-Is Wood Wall Panels come in both distressed and smooth profiles. 12 color options are available.

Why As-Is Brand Wood Walls?

Real, New Wood

The planks are made from new pine wood, and are clean of hazards, like nails, paint, or arsenic. Zero odors, zero VOCs.

Why As-Is Brand Wood Walls?

Responsible, North-American Made

The planks are made from sustainably farmed pine that’s grown, harvested, and crafted in North America.

Why As-Is Brand Wood Walls?

Easy to Install

DIY Wood Wall Planks can be installed on any of your walls in a few hours using tools you already have at home.

The Most Flexible Wood Wall Panels

Because these wood walls are planks, not panels, they offer more design flexibility. You can create patterns, mix and match colors and styles, and get as creative as you like!

Design them however you please, and install them onto nearly any surface using glue or finishing nails.

Sizing it Up

Each panel is between 12” - 48” long to create natural variation. Panels can be easily cut to custom widths and lengths.

DIY-Friendly Wood Walls

The wood planks are easy to cut, and with a bit of glue or finishing nails, you'll be amazed at what you can do in a few hours. Typical jobs have about 5% waste or less.

The biggest issue you'll have is picking the surface to put it on.

You Buy a Box, We Plant A Tree

AS-IS Brand is a proud partner of Trees For The Future. Every box of As-Is sold worldwide helps farmers and communities in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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