RealCast Concrete

RealCast Concrete Panels are an authentic re-creation of poured in place concrete walls and are available in slab, board-formed & fluted concrete surfaces. They are fiber-reinforced concrete, poured panels that are rated for both exterior and interior applications.

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Multiple colors and styles to choose from to fit any space.

RealCast is available in 3 profiles: Slab, Board-Form and Fluted. Slab is sold in 8 & 16 sq ft panels, with anchor holes or without. Board-Form is sold in 3.5 sq ft panels and Fluted is sold in 1.9 sq ft panels.

RealCast Slab

RealCast Fluted

RealCast Board-Form

Real Concrete. Made Easy.

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome with real concrete walls is how difficult and expensive they are to install. That is what makes RealCast such a fantastic product. The panelized system and lightweight profile of these panels allows you to put concrete on any surface you wish.

Why RealCast Concrete?

Lightweight Panels

These thin concrete panels are a lot more lightweight than poured in place concrete. Typically no structural reinforcement is needed.

Why RealCast Concrete?

Simple to Install

These concrete panels install just like tile. Saving you on both time and labor costs!

Why RealCast Concrete?

It's The Real Deal

It looks and feels just like real concrete because it IS real concrete.

Fireproofing? You bet.

RealCast panels are non-combustible so they are an excellent choice for applications such as fireplace surrounds & commercial spaces.

Installer Friendly Concrete

These panels only require a few basic tools. Installed like tile, you’ll have a modern and fresh concrete feature wall in no time.

Cost Savings

Since these panels are an installer's dream, you will save time and money on the cost of installation versus traditional concrete walls.

Easy to Cut

Unlike other concrete panels, due to the concrete being so thin, they are easy and fast to cut with a miter or table saw.

No Special Tools Required

Suitable tile adhesive or thinset mortar is all you need for installation. You'll have a modern and fresh concrete feature wall in an afternoon.