The Original Faux Steel I-BEAM

The Original Faux Steel I-BEAM is a revolutionary product in architectural design, offering the lightest-weight, most accessible way to create the look of exposed steel beams in any design project.

These decorative beams are made from pure PVC, so they're easy to install and work with.

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Everything you need to create the I-Beam look

The Original Faux Steel I-BEAM has what you need to create the exposed beam look on ceilings, walls, or anywhere in between.

Why Faux Beams??

Lightweight Steel Alternative

At just 2.2 lbs per square foot, these weigh a fraction of real steel I-Beams, and much less than wood alternatives.

Why Faux Beams?

Install Them Anywhere

Installing real steel I-Beams is typically not an option. Faux Steel I-BEAMS can be installed on virtually any wall or ceiling, and can be easily cut or combined to fit any surface.

Why Faux Beams?

Looks Like the Real Thing

The I-Beam is a dark, steel-grey colour and is coloured all the way through. It has a slight sheen to mimic real steel.

Ceiling Beams Made Easy

Real steel I-Beams are expensive, hard to transport, and too heavy for most ceilings without structural supports.

If you want the modern industrial interior design look of exposed ceiling beams, these decorative Faux Steel I-BEAMS are the way to go.

Sizing It Up

Each beam is 94" L x 9" H x 7" W
Can be cut to custom sizes. Multiple beams can be joined using Faux Steel I-BEAM Plate connectors.

Installer Friendly I-Beams

The Original Faux Steel I-BEAMS can be installed on virtually any surface with screws, nails, and/or strong construction adhesive, and they are easy to cut to any size with a saw.

Accessible Industrial Design

These faux steel beams are a DIY'ers dream. Simply order and install wherever you please.

Hidden Installation

Beams can connect with one another using Faux Steel I-BEAM Plates to produce a finished look.

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