How to Go Classic

There are a lot different styles that you can go with when planning for a home makeover. One of the more popular ones is the vintage look for your home. Popular misconception states that you will have to splurge a lot for this look. But, that is a misconception. Making your house beautiful will not cost you a lot. All it takes is some good ideas and a know-how of what you want and where you want it.

Start with a plan

When planning your home décor remember it is not necessary to incorporate all ideas at once. Be patient with your ideas and keep incorporating them over time. Build a plan that will take into account the existing architecture and design of your home. This will allow you to implement ideas without going for an extreme makeover. This will give you a nice blend of familiarity and new look, which is vintage in this case. Unlike modern home styles, vintage look is not thoroughly consistent so choose inconsistent styles and varying patterns.

Use Stikwood or AS-IS BRAND Wood Walls

The appliance of wood can be a great way to give your house a vintage look. You don’t have to go for real wood furnishing to achieve the desired look. Stikwood is real salvaged wood and very easy to apply. Apart from floors, it can be applied over anything. Apply Stikwood to every sheet of drywall in the house. Every wall and ceiling would then look like it’s been covered by wood. This will give your home a classic, nostalgic feel. The look of wood brings warmth and character that simply can’t be matched by any other material. Wood guarantees instant impact, and with Stikwood, you get the feel and the look even if you are on a tight budget, allowing you to place it on any wall or ceiling.

Wood Walls

Salvage materials

If possible try obtaining materials from old mills and fairs that you can place in your home for that classic design. It could be floor mats or artifacts that were designed keeping the 60’ & 70’s era in mind. These artifacts pack a real punch and will add true character to your home.


Source: classicwoodfinishing 

Go for authentic lighting

Try getting electrified gas lanterns and rewire them. These antiques will not only add vintage value to your home but will also give your home’s lighting an authentic classical look. You’ll need an electrician to help you rewire some of these. Using them, you can create custom lighting throughout much of the home. This will also allow you to give your home a different highlight. Use old materials with the lights to complement the look.

Giving your home an antique look is not an easy job as you will have to be very careful. Remember not to overdo it. Keep an eye open for antique pieces and materials on the internet. Giving this look to your home might take some time as you might not get everything that you are looking for at once. But once you achieve the look you are going to leave your friends and family mesmerized.

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