Like wood furnishing, but don't like the mess it creates?

If you are planning to go for an exotic and classic look then wood is the best option that’s available out there. But, it comes attached with certain drawbacks that most people aren’t aware of. Apart from being excessively costly, wood furnishing can also lead to a very messy experience with home décor. That is, the installation requires you to have professionals who are well equipped. Add to that, the extra amount of care and precaution you have to maintain to keep your expensive wood furnishing looking new and pristine can be bothersome. But you don’t have to worry about giving up your dreams of wood furnishing. A better and cheaper alternative is available on the market that will give you the look and feel of wood without the added baggage of cost, care, and maintenance. The alternative is known as Stikwood and provides a wide array of benefits that helps it outshine other options.

Easier to Clean

Stikwood is easier to clean and maintain as they can withstand any cleaning technique and not much precautions have to be taken with cleaning it. Stikwood can be simply wiped and or you can use water to clean any stains or spots. Any liquid cleaning agent will also do as it is resistant to liquid damage to a much larger extent than traditional wood. It is much easier to maintain than wood blinds due to the fact that they can stand up to cleaning methods better. You cannot afford this type of carelessness with your traditional wood furnishing.


Variety is something that you will be flooded with when dealing with Stikwood. Stikwood comes in a wide range of colors and varying sizes to fit into your needs perfectly. Irrespective of what you particularly want, you will get the perfect match. So, you can go ahead and fulfill all of your unique design patterns.

Stikwood is a great alternative to traditional wood furnishing. Not only it saves you a lot of money, but also saves you the messy installation. Plus, it is so easy to install that you can probably do it yourself. So, if you are out looking for some great Stikwood options then head over to Mod-ified and find yourself a perfect match.

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