DIY Rustic Wood Home Office Makeover

The look of a warm, rustic wood wall is so appealing. It makes anyone want to spend more time in a room sipping hot chocolate or cozying up with a blanket. Our team at discovered AS-IS BRAND Wood Wall planks and they have quickly become one of our favorite wall cladding materials. These wood wall planks look amazing, but they are also easy to install. Here is just how easy it is!

Step 1:

Since AS-IS BRAND Wood Walls are glued or nailed to the wall, little prep is needed. Just make sure the wall is clear. AS-IS BRAND can be directly placed over gypsum, wallpaper or other flat wall products.

Step 2:
Starting on the bottom row and keeping the boards level, affix the boards from one side to the other. An air nailer works well (1 or 1-1/2" brad nails) or a construction-grade adhesive. Keep in mind varying the board sizes, colors, and textures. You may need to make a cut on the final piece of each row.

Step 3:
Contiune in this fashion for every row, until you are less than 5" from the ceiling (or your desired height). Measure the space between your last row and your stop point.

Step 5:
Using a table saw or hand saw, cut the boards lengthwise to the desired size for the final row. Remember to allow 1/16" for expansion.

Step 5:
That's all there is to it. Now you can kick back and enjoy your new reclaimed wood wall.

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