5 Decor Tips To Throw the Perfect Holiday Dinner

In case you missed the message: it's fall (also known as sweater-weather-pumpkin-spice-latte season). In other words, the holidays are just around the corner and everyone knows that throwing a super cool holiday party is an instant boost to your social status. Make it IG-friendly, and the glory will live on for years.

Although food, alcohol and fun people are all major contributing factors to a memorable party, what makes the biggest impression on your guests is always your living space. Here are 5 tips from some professional designers to help you throw the coolest holiday party this year.  

1. Your holiday decor should reflect the space you actually live in.

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If your house is decked in shades of cream and brown, imagine how garrish it would look to cover it in blocks of orange and lilac. 

Go through your home and start by identifying the colour of walls, sidings, and the wood used for your cabinetry. For example, if you have a lot of white in your home, try mixing up a variety of matte and shiny gold items with a combination of parchment paper decorations and black chrome.

Or, if your home has a lot of browns and dark woods, try using accents of violet, bronze, and cool white to give a more masculine vibe.

2. Coordinate your decorative items or ornaments.

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We’re not saying that covering your kitchen counter in lots of unique Victorian ornaments and oddly-shaped pumpkins isn’t lovely and inviting. However, to give that extra element of elegance or modernity to your home, it’s good to provide some visual lines of unity.

Stick to one or two different kinds of textures. For example, ceramic and glass - or wood and matte chrome. Alternate “tall” items with shorter items to give variety. Don’t overwhelm the space with too many items, but intersperse your decor with soft lighting elements to warm it up.

3. Juxtapose your design styles tastefully.

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One of the oldest (but best) design tricks in the book is to carefully juxtapose different features and textures within the same space. For example, by using rustic farmhouse features in combination with sleek, modern pieces, you achieve a warm space with character and clean lines.

In holiday decor, this might mean using wooden art, pinecones, and old candle holders in conjunction with clean white tableware and steel or aluminium fixtures. Or perhaps it means installing a concrete feature wall to contrast the brick walls in your home.

PRO TIP: Installing a feature wall doesn’t need to mean tearing down what’s already standing in your home. Use Wall Theory’s faux stone panels means putting up whatever style of wall you want in your home without breaking the bank or making a mess. Check out how to do it here.

4. Use greenery to freshen up the space.

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Adding greenery to your party decor is an easy way of making everything feel fresh, clean and comfortable. Even adding fake leaves to your centrepieces will do the trick, as long as the material is not too reflective or shiny.

If you have the option for going with fresh herbs (like basil or sage), find ways to incorporate it around the house. They’ll make everything smell amazing!

5. Focus on the dinner table.

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Don’t misunderstand this to mean that you need to pile your dinner table with a million different dishes. Not only would that take forever to make, but your fridge would also probably be overflowing with leftovers until Christmas (which might not seem like a bad idea for some people).

Instead, try making a few delicious favourites and focus on making the place where you eat a feast for the eyes.

Make a vase out of a carved pumpkin. Fill a long wooden box with pine needles, candles and pinecones. Try your hand at creating a cornucopia! Customize each place setting with small items specially created for each guest.

At the end of the day, remember that a party isn’t worth the trouble if you don’t have any fun. Kick back, relax, and count your blessings. Oh, and try our cocktail design quiz so we can tell you exactly what kind of drinks you should be serving at your holiday party this year.


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