The Easy Install Of LANAI Decking

When it comes to products we offer here at Wall Theory, we have a long list of requirements they have to meet before they pass the test. One of those things is how easy it is to install. 

Whether you’re a DIYer or you just want to reduce the labor bill on your next renovation project, ease and speed of install is likely just as important to you as it is to us. 

So when we came across LANAI Premium Plank Decking, we knew it would fit right in. It’s easier to transport & handle than other decking products, has the same install time as most typical deck builds, and the finished product is absolutely stunning. A triple win in our books! 

Whether you’re installing your own personal deck, a restaurant patio, around a pool, on a balcony, or anything in between, LANAI is our top choice for simple, beautiful design. 

Here’s what you can expect when you’re installing your deck: 

Here are a couple reasons why LANAI is easy to install: 

1. The shorter planks are easier to transport, handle, and cut

LANAI Deck Planks are only 4’ long and come nicely bundled so you can easily get them to where you need them without requiring  a specialized vehicle. 

2. Planks and Nosings Snap Into Place 

The Hidden Plank and Nosing Fasteners allow the Nosing and Deck Planks to simply “snap” into place. 

3. There’s no need for plugs!

If you’ve ever installed a composite deck before, you know what we’re talking about and how big a deal this is. 

4. No spine or transition boards

Most decks over 16’ require a spine board or transition board, which means more measuring and cutting and planning. LANAI is the only decking we’ve found that doesn’t require a spine or transition board at all, which saves you time, effort, and material costs. It also means that the finished deck has a seamless look

5. Simple for contractors

LANAI can be installed on a typical deck frame (either 12’ or 16’ on center with a double joist) which means contractors who have experience installing other brands of decking won’t have any problems installing LANAI!

Ready to get started with your new deck? Get in touch and we can provide a free estimate! 

Full Install Instructions

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