Faux CinderBlock Panels - Modern Washed Grey Faux CinderBlock Panels - Modern Washed Grey Faux CinderBlock Panels - Modern Washed Grey

Faux CinderBlock Panels - Modern Washed Grey

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Modern Washed Grey

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CinderBlock - Washed Grey - Touch-Up Paint Kit


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Product Description

CinderBlock panels are made from pouring high-density polyurethane into a mold that was cast from real concrete blocks. This process gives the CinderBlock panel the truly authentic look of real cinder block. CinderBlock panels are extremely lightweight, are only ~1" thick and are simply screwed onto the wall. No need for intense labor or reinforcement of walls.

CinderBlock faux concrete panels are designed with the installer in mind. These faux concrete panels are easy to install as they were designed with a shiplap edge and can be cut with a normal wood saw blade. All that is required for install are a few simple tools and a few hours.


Product Sheets
Product Specs

Panel size: ~48" W x 48" H

Panel thickness: Approx. 1”

Weight: Approx. 1lb per sq. ft.

Square feet per panel: 16

Material: High-density polyurethane

Class-A Fire rated: Yes

Exterior rated: No

*Dimensions can vary due to panel design & molding process. Expect variation of approx. 1/16” or more.


For indoor use






Class-A fire rated

Cinder Block Walls Made Easy

CinderBlock faux concrete panels offer you all the look, feel, and style of authentic concrete without the hassle, cost, or a difficult installation process.

Each CinderBlock panel has been formed from a real concrete mold and then is hand painted to match the authentic look of poured concrete walls.

Why Faux CinderBlock?

Extremely Lightweight

Weighing in at only 1 lb. per square foot, this feather weight panel can be installed anywhere.

Why Faux CinderBlock?

Cost Savings

Each panel of CinderBlock costs a fraction of real concrete blocks, and the easy install process saves you on labor costs.

Why Faux CinderBlock?

Installer Friendly

Each finger joint panel simply screws to the wall and is finished with stone finished texture caulking.

Sizing It Up

Panel size: 48" x 48". Thickness: 1"
Square feet per panel: 16
Each "block" is 7.5" W x 5.5" H

Styling and Profiling


Authentic cinder block appearance with weathered edges.

Styling and Profiling


Deeper, cleaner grout lines than traditional Cinder Block.