Decorative Wall Panels - Wood Old Paint  - Mixed Decorative Wall Panels - Wood Old Paint  - Mixed Decorative Wall Panels - Wood Old Paint  - Mixed

Decorative Wall Panels - Wood Old Paint - Mixed

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Product Description

Looking for an easy to install & cost effective decorative wall panel option? Look no further than these 3D textured decorative wall panels. These hand crafted panels are extremely easy to install. Made of MDF, the panels are super lightweight and can be installed using construction grade adhesive or with finishing nails.

Wood Old Paint Decorative Wall Panels offer the old-world, charming feel of wood. They achieve a rustic look with a multicolor wall panel combining blues, aquamarines, whites and reds.

*We cannot ship one or two single 8' panel orders. In these small quantities, orders will be fulfilled by sending out either two 4' panels or four 4' panels. 


    Product Specs

    Panels have a textured finished

    Pre-finished panels so no sanding or painting required

    Material: Solid MDF

    Class Fire Rated: Yes

    Exterior Rated: No

    Panel Size: 2' by 8' (horizontal configuration)

    Panel Thickness: 3/4"

    Butt cutt install

    Square feet per panel: 16 sq ft

    Product Sheets

    Installer Friendly






    Class-C fire rated

    Easy Decorative Wall Panels

    These 2' x 8' panels are easy to install

    Decorative Wall Panels are an innovative, easy, and affordable way to add texture and dimension to your walls aside from using slatwall panels and shiplap planks. These panels do not have slats in them like 3D slatwall panels do.

    3D Decorative Panels

    Panels are textured to look authentic!

    Just like 3D textured slatwall & shiplap panels, these decorative panels are textured to look like a variety of materials.