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Faux Stone Pillar Panels

Faux Pillar Panels are a quick, easy, cost-effective way to add stone to pillars. Simply screw through these panels, which interlock with one another to hide any visible seams. Use Quality Stone caulking to cover the screw heads and instantly your project is complete.


We have a selection of colours to choose from to fit any space.

Stacked Stone Pillar Panel

Stacked Stone Pillar Panel

From $49.99 /EACH

Wrap it with

Faux Stone Pillar Panels

Using the same care and process of Quality Stone Faux Stone Panels, the pillar panels are designed to compliment any Quality Stone install job. Matching the same fit and finish, they will make your stone walls have that professional touch.

Each Pillar Panel has interlocking sides that are designed to conceal the seams. Once they’re installed and finished, you won’t believe it’s not stone.

benefits of
faux stone.

Extremely Lightweight

Weighing in at only 1 lb. per square foot, this featherweight panel can be installed anywhere.

Simple to install

Easy to cut with a wood saw blade and interlocking sides, create a snap together install.

Cost Savings

These easy to install panels are designed to be installed by you, saving you on installation.

Hide Screws and Installation

Simply screw the panels to an existing pillar, cover up the screw heads with color matched grout caulking, and all signs of installation are gone.

Indoors, or out.

High-density polyurethane can be used both indoors or out. Doesn't crack, fade, or break down.

Impact Resistant

High traffic areas aren't a problem for these panels.

Liquid proof

Using a closed cell technology, the panels won't absorb liquid.

Faux doesn't have to be
a four letter word.

Each panel is cast from real hand laid stones and has been hand-painted to capture every nook, crack, and age mark. The stunning detail and craftsmanship of these Pillar Panels are truly awe-inspiring.

Create a new or
Hide an old pillar.

Have an unsightly pillar at your front entrance, basement, or other places in your house? Or have you always wanted a pillar? Using Quality Stone Pillar Panels, you can create the pillar you've always envisioned.

Stylin' and

Stacked Stone

The deep clean lines of Stacked Stone provides a modern rustic feel, reflecting the natural beauty of stacked slate.

Ridge Stone

The versatile look of Ridge Stone allows it to fit elegantly into any traditional or contemporary design.

Ledge Stone

The soft lines and smooth textures of Ledge Stone creates a bold and rugged mountain feel.

Let's Size
it up.

Pillar Panels come in 3 widths, 8”, 11”, and 26 1/2” (inside dimensions) and are all 48” high. The Pillar Panels are finished off perfectly with Ledge Trims, or if your pillar is taller you can stack them on top of each other.

8" Pillar Panels
Designed to wrap posts under 8"

11" Pillar Panels
Designed to wrap posts under 11"

26 1/2" Pillar Panels
Designed to wrap posts under 26 1/2"

installation is easy.
faux real.

Quality Stone Faux Pillar panels are easy to cut and install. No matter the material of the pillar substructure, the panels can be installed with screws. With a few simple tools, a bit of elbow grease, and an hour or two, you'll have your very own faux stone pillar.

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Here comes the
hard part.

Now that you know all about the panels, the last thing to do is choose your favorite style.

Stacked Stone Pillar Panel

Stacked Stone Pillar Panel

From $49.99 /EACH
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