Order a custom variety pack of 3, 5 or 9 samples and get up to 30% off at checkout. Order a custom variety pack of 3, 5 or 9 samples and get up to 30% off at checkout.

Privacy Screens

Hideaway Privacy Screens are decorative panels that will transform any space into a private retreat. Made of powder coated aluminium, the Privacy Screens are available in 4 different styles.

Get your privacy.
in style.


These screens are designed with privacy in mind. With more multi-family housing, and condensed neighbourhoods being built than ever before, these Privacy Screens are a great solution to creating privacy in your yard.

These decorative panels can be used as screens for the backyard, fencing, shade, railings, backdrop, or partition walls. The best part is they look just as good indoors as outdoors.

benefits of
privacy screens.

Lightweight aluminum

Each panel weighs in at only 12lbs.

High Quality & Durable

Using a high-quality aluminium and a powder coating, they are built to last.

Maintenance Free

Once the privacy screens are installed, there is nothing to do but enjoy.

Unique Style

Available in 4 styles, certainly one will match your space.

Laser Cut

Panels are laser cut to ensure quality, and each panel is 100% uniform in size.

DIY’ers dream

Installing the Privacy Screens is a cinch, with a drill and some bolts, you’ll have your modern screens installed in no time.

Styling and Profiling.

Hideaway Privacy Screens are available in 4 profiles. No matter what your style, you’ll be able to install these in any space.


The thin horizontal lines of the Dash profile gives you a simple yet modern feel to your space. Surrounding your deck with Dash Privacy Screens will give your entertaining space a more energetic feeling.


Inspired by the look of the woods, Branch Privacy Screens give off calming and unique shadows in your space. No matter if you install these ones indoors or out, you’ll have that serene feeling of being in a calm forest.


Angled lines and the sense of speed, these screens certainly give your space a cool and modern flair. These panels can be installed all the same direction or alternating to give it a more unique feel.

River Rock

Just like the look of rocks in a river bed, River Rock gives off the shadows and texture of a river in your space. Perfect to compliment an outdoor space that’s been landscaped with flowing water.

Privacy doesn't have to
be complex.

Step One
Install your posts with lag bolts.

Step Two
Screw brackets to posts.

Step Three
Bolt panels to the angle brackets.

Let's size
it up.

faux concrete panel size




WEIGHT: 12 lbs.

Here comes the
hard part.

Now that you know all about the Privacy Screens, the last thing to do is choose your favorite style.



$354.75 /EACH


$354.75 /EACH


$354.75 /EACH
River Rock

River Rock

$354.75 /EACH
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