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RealCast Slab

RealCast Slab concrete panels are an authentic re-creation to the poured concrete look. These panels have been made using real concrete poured into a mold, and then reinforced with meshing.

Real Concrete Panels.


One of the most significant hurdles to overcome with real concrete walls is how difficult and expensive they are to install. That is what makes RealCast Slab panels such a fantastic product. The panelized system and lightweight profile of these panels allows you to put concrete on any surface you wish.

Installing RealCast Slab panels doesn't require any special tools or a tradesperson. Using a strong adhesive or screws you'll have a modern and fresh concrete feature wall in an afternoon.

benefits of
realcast concrete.

Extremely Lightweight

Weighing in at only 2.5 lb. per square foot, this featherweight panel can be installed anywhere.

Simple to install

Panels simply butt up to the next panel and are fastened by screws (but can be glued as well) to the wall. This gives you the freedom to install virtually anywhere.

Cost Savings

Since these panels are a DIY'ers dream, you will save time and money on the cost of installation versus traditional concrete walls.

Easy To Cut

Unlike other concrete panels, due to the concrete being so thin, they are easy and fast to cut.

You Can Do It

Typically installing concrete walls is a massive undertaking. That's not the case with these DIY friendly concrete panels.

Sizing It

faux concrete panel size

WIDTH: 48"




installation is easy.
real easy.

RealCast Slabs are easy to cut and install. No matter if you're installing onto drywall, wood, or almost any substrate, the panels can be installed using adhesive or mechanically fastened with screws. With a few simple tools, a bit of elbow grease, and an hour or two, you'll have your very own cast concrete wall.

Here comes the
hard part.

Now that you know all about the panels, the last thing to do is choose your favorite color.

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real concrete wall panels

RealCast Slab Medium Grey

$120.00 /PANEL
real concrete wall panels

RealCast Slab Natural Grey

$120.00 /PANEL
RealCast Slab Onyx

RealCast Slab Onyx

$120.00 /PANEL


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