LANAI PVC Deck Plank - Black Sand Bundle of 8 LANAI PVC Deck Plank - Black Sand Bundle of 8 LANAI PVC Deck Plank - Black Sand Bundle of 8

LANAI PVC Deck Plank - Black Sand Bundle of 8

$159.68 /Bundle - 10.67 sq.ft.


Beach Wood

Sunset Palm

Black Sand

Product Description

LANAI Outdoors has completely changed the look of decking, engineered to look exactly like interior hardwood flooring but with the durability of a premium exterior-grade PVC decking product. And it’s guaranteed for life. 


LANAI Premium PVC Plank Decking resists fading, warping, splintering, staining, mold, mildew & moisture. 


Featuring the best traction of all deck boards in its category and cool-touch technology for a barefoot-friendly finish, LANAI PVC Decking is truly a superior decking product.


Deck plank size: 48” x 4” in a ⅚” plank (true 1”). Planks are sold in bundles of 8 pieces (32 linear feet  or 10.67 square feet per bundle).


Materials: 100% pure PVC. No wood or mineral fillers.


Color Profile: Black Sand

LANAI's Black Sand PVC Decking is inspired by the the sands left behind by volcanic activity, offering a bold & dramatic look. 


Part of LANAI's Coastal Collection, Black Sand is a dark, hardwood-looking deck plank with grey undertones.


    We will help you order the correct accessories for your project.


    • Uses completely hidden fasteners
    • Easy-to-install Deck Nosing system
    • Lightweight and easy to transport
    • 4-sided LifeCap Technology resists stains, fading, scratching, and slipping
    • Naturally mold, bug, and mildew resistant
    • Ground rated  
    • Maintenance-free
    • Limited lifetime structural warranty
    • 25-year fade and stain warranty

      Deck plank size: 48” x 4” in a ⅚” plank (true 1”). 

      Planks come in bundles of 8 pieces (32 linear feet per bundle).

      Plank weight: 5.15 lbs

      Materials: 100% pure PVC. No wood or mineral fillers.

      Product Sheets
      The Order Process

      Because of LANAI’s unique board size & installation, this is one of the first decking products that can be purchased on-line. We know buying a deck online might be a bit daunting, but we’ve got a team of experts at the ready to make sure the whole process is seamless.

      1. Fill out the estimate form to receive your free deck estimate based on your deck dimensions

      2. We’ll work with you to help you place your order, including the correct amount of decking as well as fasteners and any nosing, fascia, or risers you might need.

      3. We’ll ship the entire package direct to your door. Our decking fits easily onto a typical shipping pallet, making it simple to transport. 

      We are always available if you have any questions with the install. 

      You’re backed by a return guarantee, so if something isn’t quite right, we’ve got you covered.

      Available Accessories

      Deck nosing (48” x 3”)

      Fascia boards (48” x 12”)

      Deck risers (48” x 7.25”)

      Narrow deck planks (48” x 2”)

      Hidden nosing fasteners

      Hidden deck plank fasteners

      We will help you order the correct accessories for your project.




      Resists Fading


      Resists Heat/UV


      Quick Install


      Scratch Resistant




      Stain Resistant


      Lifetime Warranty

      Decking that Looks Like Hardwood Flooring. Finally!

      With features like smaller gaps between deck boards, shorter deck planks with beveled edges, and completely hidden fasteners, LANAI Premium Plank Decking is engineered to look like interior flooring but with all the protective and durable features of a premium PVC exterior decking product.

      LANAI Benefits

      Guaranteed For Life

      100% pure PVC makes LANAI deck planks resistant to mold, mildew, cracking, warping, and insects. The LIFECAP 4-sided capping provides resistance to staining, scratching, and UV. The lifetime warranty guarantees it!

      LANAI Benefits

      Foot Friendly

      The LIFECAP 4-sided capping provides traction and heat resistance, and LANAI’s signature SMARTCORE channels work to keep planks cool to the touch. Great for both hot and icy days!

      LANAI Benefits

      Easy to Ship, Store, and Install

      LANAI decking comes on standard 48” x 48” pallets, and the hidden fastener system allows deck planks to simply lock into place. Easy for you, and easy for decking contractors!

      Hardwood Floor Look. For Outdoors.

      LANAI Premium Plank Decking is not just another composite decking product. What sets it apart?

      - Shorter, 4’ planks look like floor boards
      - Continuous, lineal grain creates a realistic, non-repeating wood pattern
      - Smaller gaps between planks provides the look of hardwood while still allowing drainage
      - Multi-tone coloring gives the random and natural look of real wood
      - Beveled, angled edges truly hide the hidden fasteners