What size are Modern Brick Faux Brick panels? What size are the corner panels?
Flat panels measure 11-1/2” tall x 44-1/2” wide. Corner panels measure 11-1/2” x 25-1/2”.
What material are Modern Brick Faux Brick panels made from?
Modern Brick Faux Brick panels are made from high density polyurethane.
How are corners finished?
All colors of Modern Brick Faux Brick have corner panels. Please reference the Modern Brick Install Sheet (Section: Corner Installation).
Are there thickness variations in Modern Brick Faux Brick panels?
Yes, since the panels are polyurethane, they naturally will vary slightly in thickness, typically about 1/8” but sometimes more. This is due to the silicone molding process which is necessary with poly production, most often causing variation from the panel edges and the middle. Modern Brick will typically have these variations in thickness and also in panel detail and corner formation (such as slightly rounded corners in some panels). These variations are typically not an issue as they mimic the same variations and inconsistencies found in real brick. But, if you have some joints where the thickness is causing too much of a difference between two adjacent panels, they can be buttered or furred out slightly with any backer.
What kind of screws/nails do you use to install Modern Brick panels?
This depends on the surface that the Modern Brick is being mounted to. Wood & drywall screws are the most common. Screws must penetrate at least 1” to properly secure the product.
Do you need to use an adhesive to install Modern Brick panels?
Not for most typical installations. It is best to reference the Modern Brick Install Sheet.
Can Modern Brick panels be installed inside?
Modern Brick panels are designed for exterior use, but can also be used inside. We can also offer a Class B material for special order (if your building code requires) so please contact us to discuss this.
Can we install Modern Brick by ourselves?
Modern Brick was developed as a DIY project & is easy to install as long as the installation instructions are followed, and the correct tools & general construction know-how are in place. Explanations on how to install Modern Brick over different surfaces are all outlined in the Modern Brick Install Sheet (Section: Wall Types).
What tools are required to install Modern Brick?
Modern Brick panels are easily cut using regular wood working saw blades. Required tools are outlined in the Modern Brick Install Sheet.
Can we staple up Modern Brick?
This is not recommended and can void the warranty. Please follow the correct installation steps outlined on the Modern Brick Install Sheet.
What is the life expectancy of Modern Brick?
Modern Brick is designed to last a lifetime. It has a 20 year warranty.
What do we use to transition from the Modern Brick to other products?
You can use Quality Stone Ledge Trims or Top Trims horizontally above the stone, where it meets your stucco or siding. You can use Steel Corner Trims, Quality Stone Edge Trims or Side Trims vertically beside the stone to finish off a run or finish around a window/doorway.
What trim pieces are available for Modern Brick?
Steel Corner Trims, Ledge Trims, Top Trims, Edge Trims, Side Trims, Electrical Trims, and Fixture Trims are available. All trims are available in colors that will match Modern Brick colors. These trims can be found on the Wall Theory site, or our customer service team can help you put together your complete order.
What is the Modern Brick Textured, Stone Finish Caulking used for?
Stone Finish textured caulking is only used to cover exposed polyurethane (ie. screw holes, cut edges that are not being covered by trim pieces). If all pieces are applied properly and trims are used, the caulking may not be necessary. It can also be used to fill in unwanted gaps due to installation, or expansion and contraction.
Do Modern Brick panels expand & contract?
There will be slight expansion and contraction on Modern Brick panels. The panels are designed to allow for this.
Are Modern Brick panels waterproof?
Yes, Modern Brick panels are waterproof as well as mold & mildew proof.
Can Modern Brick be used below grade?
What happens if you damage it? How do you repair it?
Although Modern Brick is highly durable, damage can occur. To fix any damage, the Modern Brick Stone Finish caulking and or Paint Touch-Up Kit can be used to patch most scratches or damage.
Will Modern Brick fade in the sun?
Yes, even real stone will fade in the sun. However, there has been no visible fading in any of the Quality Stone Modern Brick testing as Quality Stone products are very UV stable.
What testing has been done?
Are Modern Brick panels fireproof?
Modern Brick panels are not fireproof. They can be ordered in a Class A fire rating for interior use.
Can Modern Brick panels be used around a fireplace?
Modern Brick panels can be used around some electric & gas fireplaces. The panels have a Class A fire rating. Always check with local building codes and the fireplace manual to ensure proper materials & clearances. In most situations the panels are not suitable for use around wood burning fireplaces.
Can Modern Brick be used around or behind a BBQ?
It can, but it is important to ensure proper clearances. Be sure to check with local building codes and the BBQ manual to ensure proper materials & clearances.
Can Modern Brick panels be used as a kitchen backsplash?
They could be used as a backsplash, however, even though they aren’t porous, grease and oils could definitely sit on top of the panels and therefore the panels could potentially be stained by cooking grease/animal fats/and or other food products. The other thing to consider is the type of stove in the kitchen. If the stove has a flame, the panels are combustible. Likely, going with a ceramic/porcelain tile for a kitchen backsplash would be best.
Does the wall need to be reinforced to install Modern Brick panels?
Not at all. Modern Brick panels weigh in at only 1 lb/sq.ft. so they are extremely lightweight.