Shiplap - Old Paint - White Shiplap - Old Paint - White Shiplap - Old Paint - White Shiplap - Old Paint - White Shiplap - Old Paint - White Shiplap - Old Paint - White

Shiplap - Old Paint - White

$231.00 /Box


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Product Description

Get a natural wood wall design using these faux shiplap panels. These shiplap panels not only look like wood, but they feel like wood too as they have a textured finish. These lightweight, thin planks are easy to install as they can be ordered with or without heavy duty peel and stick tape on the back. Just like traditional shiplap, these panels have a traditional grooved appearance but are textured to look just like real wood. Panel edges butt up to one another to give an incredibly easy install.

These Old Paint shiplap panels, in the color White, will add character to any space. Every detail has been captured on these textured shiplap panels, even down to the peeling paint from days gone by.

    Product Specs

    Material: Solid MDF, cabinet quality finish

    Pre-finished so no sanding or painting required

    Class C Fire Rated: Yes

    Exterior Rated: No

    Panel Size: Each panel measures 45" long x 5-3/4" high (horizontal configuration)

    Panel Thickness:

    All Non-Brick styles: 1/4"

    Brick styles: 3/8"

    Square feet per box:

    All Non-Brick styles: 21.6 (Sold as a set of 12 planks in a box)

    Brick styles: 14.6 (Sold as a set of 9 planks in a box)

    Mount: Available with or without Heavy-Duty Peel and Stick Tape on back

    *Recommended to buy 10% more square feet than the area of your wall

    Product Sheets

    Installer Friendly






    Class-C fire rated


    Add texture & interest to your space

    Shiplap planks are an excellent way to add texture and interest to a space. They can be used on walls or ceilings and they are very easy to install so you can do it yourself if you like! Panels are textured so the details of real wood, brick, or wave wall have been captured.


    Shiplap is easy to install and maintain

    In just four simple steps, you can add texture to a wall or ceiling.