How to use faux brick panels to create an inspiring indoor space

Faux brick panels have become a DIY designer’s dream. 

Getting the look of rustic brick indoors used to mean tearing out drywall and rolling the dice with whatever brick was underneath, if you were lucky enough to live in a building with brick at all. 

Now, with faux brick panels, anyone can get the look and feel of authentic brick, without the mess and the risk. And the best part is, you can add brick nearly ANYwhere. 

Here are a few of our favourite spots in a home to use faux brick.

Faux Brick Panel Design Inspiration

1. Design a Rustic Brick Kitchen 

One of our favourite areas to incorporate brick is into the kitchen. There’s just something so warm and inviting about it! A full exposed brick wall can be achieved using our ClassicBrick panels & will completely transform your space. 

2. Build Faux Brick Pillars 

If you’ve got a small section of wall that could use a little oomph, faux brick panels will liven it up. This works great on any pillars or protrusions in your walls, like where an air duct might be. 

Our ClassicBrick panels can be cut down to size using a simple miter or table saw, so they work great in applications like this. 

3. Refresh a Kitchen Island with Faux Brick Around the Counters

We know, we’re back in the kitchen, but an area that often gets overlooked is the kitchen island. 

There’s so much opportunity to elevate the look of an island, and faux brick panels are a quick and easy way to do it. Our ClassicBrick panels are liquid proof and impact-resistant, so they’ll hold up well here. Shop them in White here. 

4. Add Cozy Brick to your Dining Nook

Dining and breakfast nooks are great places to add faux brick. They’re usually smaller spaces, which allows the brick to make a BIG impact. 

Go farmhouse-chic with a rustic brick color, or you can keep it modern and fresh with white washed faux brick instead

5. Create a Brick Fireplace Surround

It’s hard to argue against a brick fireplace. It’s an iconic look, and it’s easier to create than you might think! 

Our faux brick panels can be used around most zero-clearance gas fireplaces, as well as electric fireplaces, but always check your fireplace manual to ensure proper clearance. 

You can even install our panels over top of existing brick or stone with minimal damage, so you can change the look without removing the original materials. 

6. A Brick Backdrop for your TV

While you don’t want a super busy wall behind your TV, a clean, simple brick like our Vintage White faux brick panels is an elegant way to add texture and dimension to your wall without it being too distracting. 

You can also easily mount your TV and anything else you need right on top of the brick panels.


What are some of your favourite ways to use brick? Let us know over on Instagram

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