Introducing Sunbelly Privacy Screens, the perfect balance of beauty and privacy

The Newest Metal Privacy Screen Designs for Decks, Patios, and More

When it comes to finding new products to offer here at Wall Theory, we don’t take the task lightly. We do our research. We make sure it ticks all our boxes: high quality, easy to use, beautiful, functional, and a great value. 

So when we say we are THRILLED to introduce this new privacy screen option, we mean it! 

Introducing Sunbelly Privacy Screens

Sunbelly Privacy Screens offer a beautiful balance of modern design, durability, and of course, privacy! Whether you’re looking to block out peering eyes from neighbours, you want to create aesthetically pleasing space dividers, or you just want to add a contemporary design element to your outdoor space, Sunbelly has you covered. 

Unique style and color combinations

Sunbelly Privacy Screens come in 6 unique screen profiles in a range of opacity levels, from their highest privacy option, Blurred Lines, to their lowest, Parallel. Each design also comes in two timeless color options–black and bronze.

The screens can be flipped upside down or rotated 180 degrees, so you create a symmetrical or an asymmetrical privacy wall.

Something we haven’t seen in other privacy screen options is the beautiful laser-cut etching featured on their Cinder Block screen profile, which adds an extra dimension to the finished look. 

A breeze to install

Sunbelly Privacy Screens are incredibly DIY-friendly. With a drill and some bolts, you can install these screens onto any deck in no time. 

Sunbelly offers posts and mounting brackets, or you can mount these screens onto your own posts if you wish. The choice is yours! 

Maintenance-free privacy

Made from 100% powder-coated aluminum, Sunbelly privacy screens and posts require zero maintenance, and they’re rust-free. Talk about easy living! Just install the screens and relax.

What’s your pick?

All that’s left for you to do is choose your favourite design (or designs)!

We are so excited to see all the ways our creative customers will use these privacy screens. Be sure to tag us in your finished projects on Instagram!

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