Our Top Five 2022 Home Renovation Trends

 As 2022 ramps up, we’ve been seeing so many new, creative home renovation ideas. Throughout it all is a renewed focus on incorporating sustainability and quality back into home design trends, even on lower budgets.

Here are the 5 home renovation trends we are excited to keep an eye on for 2022. 

1. Colors of Nature

Greens, rose, and other natural hues are big for 2022. Image from New Decor Trends

Nature never goes out of style, and in 2022 we’re seeing interior designers really lean into the calm, organic hues of nature’s palette. 

In fact, most major paint companies chose a shade of green for the 2022 Color of the Year, and searches for things like “green kitchen cabinets” and “green bathroom tile” have skyrocketed. It’s time to get green!

While greens and browns are the obvious colors that come to mind, other natural hues, like rose, rust, and watery blues can all be layered in to create a mosaic that feels just like the outdoors. 

2. Bringing the Outside In

A cottagecore-style sunroom. Credit: Jen Wen

2022 home design inspiration doesn’t just stop at the colors of nature. We’re seeing that trend go one step further by actually inviting outdoor elements into your home to create a modern sunroom or conservatory. 

A design style that emulates this well is Cottagecore, which blends comfort and simplicity with natural elements like florals, wood tones, houseplants, organic textures, and lots of natural light. 

Imagine a peaceful picnic in a field of long grasses and wildflowers on a sunny day, and then imagine replicating that same feeling inside. 

It’s all about bringing that connection with nature into your daily living space.

3. Upcycling

A living room with repurposed furniture, featuring products sold by Sweet Modern

Gone are the days of fast furniture, but budgets don’t always allow for the big price tags that tend to come with buying quality pieces. In order to be sustainable on a budget, we’re seeing a lot more repurposing in design for 2022.  

This includes buying and refurbishing vintage furniture and perusing thrift stores to see what can be made new again. A reupholstered sitting chair can fit in perfectly to a modern living room, or you could lean into the vintage vibes and keep it the way it is (with a good steam clean, of course).

4. Enhanced Outdoor Spaces

Shown here are our Sunbelly aluminum privacy screens with a built-in BBQ and sink structure

Just like we’ll be bringing the outdoors in, we’re also bringing the indoors out! 

Outdoor living rooms, outdoor kitchens, and private backyard getaways have been gaining momentum, and we don’t see the trend dying any time soon. 

There has been quite the emphasis on privacy in particular, with fences, pergolas, privacy screens, and even large paintings being used to create a visual barrier from any undesirable views (or prying eyes). 

5. Performance Materials

Shown here is a solid wood bench with a real concrete fireplace surround, sure to stand the test of time.

Convenience and DIY aren’t going anywhere, but we’re seeing a shift away from the cheap, “design hack” options towards higher quality materials that stand the test of time, both for indoor and outdoor home renovations. 

For instance, low maintenance, durable, and long-lasting materials like premium decking and  aluminum privacy screens are winning out over cheaper exterior materials that need to be replaced every few years. Quality wall panels and tiles are being chosen over thin laminate or peel-and-stick options. 

This is good news for home buyers, renovators, designers, renters, and especially for the environment! 

So what do you think? Are there any home design and renovation trends for 2022 that you’re excited to see? Let us know over on Instagram! 

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