Faux Steel I-BEAM Nut/Bolt Set - Black Faux Steel I-BEAM Nut/Bolt Set - Black Faux Steel I-BEAM Nut/Bolt Set - Black Faux Steel I-BEAM Nut/Bolt Set - Black

Faux Steel I-BEAM Nut/Bolt Set - Black

$7.99 /Set


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Product Description

Finish off your industrial design with our Faux Steel I-Beam Nut/Bolt Set. Made from nylon, these are an optional accessory to the Faux Steel I-BEAM.  

Faux Steel I-BEAM Nuts/Bolts can be used to give the appearance of real nuts & bolts fastening I-BEAMS to join connector plates, and for many other applications. 

These are black-colored nylon and actually thread together to create the look of a real steel nut & bolt. You can choose to add Nut & Bolts on top of the I-BEAM Plates or not. They install with normal nut & bolt installation.

Height: 1-1/8", Width: 1-1/4", Length: 1-1/2", Thickness: 3/4"

Each set contains: 

1 nut & 1 bolt


Note: Faux Steel I-BEAM Plates Are Sold Separately

Product Specs


I-BEAM: 94" long x 9" tall x 7" wide

I-BEAM Plate: 10" long x 7.25" tall

Nuts & Bolt Set: 1-1/2" long x 1-1/4" wide x 3/4" thick

Sample: 8" long x 9" tall x 7" wide

Material: Pure extruded PVC

Weight: ~2.2 lb./lineal foot

Product Sheets

For interior use




Installer friendly



I-Beam, You-Beam, We All Beam for Faux Beams

Get the look of exposed steel beams without needing to tear down any walls. These non-structural Faux Steel I-Beams create the illusion of bare construction materials in homes, lobbies, restaurants, retail stores, and more.

Faux I-Beam Benefits

Extremely Lightweight

At just 2.2lb per square foot, these are the most accessible alternative to real steel I-beams out there.

Faux I-Beam Benefits

Durable Design

These beams are made from extruded PVC construction, which ensures they are super durable and lightweight.

Faux I-Beam Benefits

Installer Friendly

Easy to cut, easy to manoeuvre, easy to install. DIY your industrial designed space with these beams, or if you choose to hire a pro, you’ll save big on labour costs thanks to the quick install time.