What size are the RealCast Fluted panels?
RealCast Fluted panels measure 11 3/8” x 24” and are approximately 3/8” thick at the thinnest points & 1 1/2” thick at the thickest points.
What material are RealCast Fluted panels made from?
RealCast Fluted panels are made from highly durable, fiber-reinforced concrete. The concrete is CSA cement, which is used to ensure the highest quality performance.
What is CSA cement?
CSA cement distinguishes itself from Portland cement with a high-speed bonding, fast strength development, and a shrinkage reduction. CSA cement has been used for decades as a binder in concrete for bridges, airport runways, and concrete road-repair.
Are there thickness variations in RealCast Fluted panels?
Yes, since the panels are a poured concrete product, they naturally will vary slightly in thickness, typically about 1/8”. This is due to the molding process and the way the concrete naturally settles, most often causing variation from the panel edges and the middle. RealCast Fluted panels will typically have these variations in thickness and also in corner formation (such as slightly rounded corners in some panels). These variations are typically not an issue as they mimic the same variations and inconsistencies found in poured-in-place concrete. But if you have some joints where the thickness is causing too much of a difference between two adjacent panels, they can be buttered or furred out slightly with any backer.
Are there color variations in RealCast Fluted panels?
Yes, as RealCast Fluted panels are a natural concrete, slight variations in color are inevitable. This is what makes the real concrete look so desirable.
Do RealCast Fluted panels have to beinstalled in a vertical orientation, with fluted lines running up & down?
No, RealCast fluted panels can be installed in either a vertical or a horizontal orientation.
Are RealCast Fluted panels paintable?
Yes, they are paintable using standard latex paints.
How heavy are RealCast Fluted panels?

RealCast Fluted panels are approximately 8.4 pounds per square foot.
Are RealCast Fluted panels okay to use around a fireplace?
Yes, RealCast Fluted panels are fine to use in most fireplace applications as they are non-combustible. If in doubt, always follow the fireplace manufacturer’s guidelines.
Can RealCast Fluted panels be used as a kitchen/bathroom backsplash?
Yes, they can be used as a backsplash tile. However, although they are sealed with a commercial grade sealant, they are still considered porous and could potentially be stained by cooking grease/animal fats/and or other food products. We recommend contacting a local concrete or tile supply store to find out the recommended (water-based) topcoat sealant for the use.
Can RealCast panels be used outside?
Yes, RealCast panels are exterior-rated for use outside. RealCast panels are considered large-format tiles and local building code and guidelines should be used.
Should a rain-screen be installed behind RealCast panels?
Yes, in most cases a rain-screen should be installed, but it is not always the case. It is important to check with your local building codes for this information, and it can also depend on the type of wall substrate you are installing over.
How much does it typically cost to ship RealCast panels?
Shipping costs will vary depending on the amount of product ordered, final destination distance, and time of the year. We always recommend checking with our team before ordering.
What are the average lead times for shipping RealCast panels?
Average production time is about 2-3 weeks. We always recommend checking before ordering.
How many RealCast Fluted panels come in a box?
There are (5) Panels per box, but panels can be purchased individually.