RealCast Fluted Concrete Panels - Charcoal RealCast Fluted Concrete Panels - Charcoal RealCast Fluted Concrete Panels - Charcoal RealCast Fluted Concrete Panels - Charcoal RealCast Fluted Concrete Panels - Charcoal RealCast Fluted Concrete Panels - Charcoal

RealCast Fluted Concrete Panels - Charcoal

$52.00 /Panel



Product Description

Love the long vertical lines of a fluted concrete wall? RealCast Fluted Concrete Panels give the exact look and feel of a fluted concrete wall but keep the cost of any project down as these panels are easy to install.

Weighing 8.4 lb/sq.ft. these panels are fastened to the wall, horizontally or vertically, by using the same methods as any cast stone. Cut with a masonry blade, and installed with mesh, scratch coat, and mortar as outlined in the RealCast Fluted Install Instructions.

The color Charcoal offers a dark grey concrete option, great for making a moody statement in any space.

RealCast has all the charm of real concrete, including slight texture and color variations throughout. RealCast uses the same formulation and finishing techniques for every order created, but panel colors and textures can vary slightly during the curing phase. You can expect to see that same natural variation that makes concrete so beautiful and sought after.

RealCast Fluted Concrete Panels allow you to get the high design look of fluted concrete in any space you imagine!

**Note: RealCast is made to order. Canceled orders may incur some fees if production has began or is completed.


Product Specs

Material: Fiber reinforced concrete

Plank size: 11-3/8" W x 24" H

Thickness: Approx. 3/8" at thinnest & 1-1/2" at thickest points

Square feet per panel: 1.9

Weight: 8.4 lb. per square foot

Non-Combustible: Yes

Exterior rated: Yes 

*Dimensions can vary due to panel design & molding process. Expect variation of approx. 1/16” or more.

Product Sheets

For Interior and Exterior Use


Installer Friendly




Liquid Proof




Impact Resistant

Fluted Concrete = Long Vertical Lines!

Fluted concrete is a stunning look that features long, vertical lines and deep grooves. Whether you are looking for a unique exterior cladding option or a high-end concrete feature wall, our fluted concrete panels are designed for both applications.

RealCast Concrete Benefits

You can do it

RealCast's panelized concrete system is easy to cut, easy to install, and extra easy to enjoy.

RealCast Concrete Benefits

The easiest real concrete option

Poured concrete usually requires structural supports, it’s messy, and it’s labour intensive. Realcast’s thin panels can be installed virtually anywhere in less time and with less mess.

RealCast Concrete Benefits

Concrete anywhere  

RealCast concrete panels are fireproof, waterproof, and exterior rated, so you can use them indoors, outdoors, around fireplaces, and even in high-moisture environments like bathrooms.

Sizing It Up

Each panel is 11-3/8" W x 24" H and can easily be cut to size with a masonry blade. Panels can be installed either vertically or horizontally.