Faux ModernStone Panels - Mountain Summit Faux ModernStone Panels - Mountain Summit Faux ModernStone Panels - Mountain Summit Faux ModernStone Panels - Mountain Summit Faux ModernStone Panels - Mountain Summit

Faux ModernStone Panels - Mountain Summit

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Mountain Summit

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Product Description

ModernStone is an interior-friendly faux stone product that offers an extremely simple install process and a realistic stone finish.

Made from high-density polyurethane, ModernStone panels have been cast from real stone molds to create an authentic 3-dimensional finish.

ModernStone offers the largest faux stone panel of all of our stone options. Because of this, these large, 24” x 48” panels offer the fastest install. ModernStone panels have overlapping edges and are suitable for interior installations.

These 1" thick panels are 24" H x 48" W and cover 7.2 square feet.

Product Specs

Dimensions: 24"H x 48"W x 1"

Panel weight: ~6 lbs

Coverage per panel: ~7.2 square feet

Class A Fire Rated

Material: High Density Polyurethane

"*Dimensions can vary due to panel design & molding process. Expect variation of approx. 1/16” or more.” 

Product Sheets

For interior use




Realistic stone look






Class-A fire rated


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Faux Stone To Make Your Interior Shine

When it comes to interior stone, ModernStone is the easiest, most realistic option out there. ModernStone panels are larger and lighter weight than other faux stone options, so you can create a stunning feature wall in no time.

Why ModernStone?

Large, Lightweight Panels

At under 1lb per square foot, ModernStone is one of the lightest weight stone panel options out there. Their large size (24" x 48") makes them extra quick to install.

Why Faux Stone?

Durable and Versatile

ModernStone panels are made from high-density polyurethane with closed cell technology. They’re liquid proof, impact resistant, Class-A fire rated, and safe for any high-traffic interior.

Why Faux Stone?

DIY Friendly

These panels are designed to be installed by you! Create the look of stone without any special tools. These panels simply screw to the wall!